In May of 2014, I began writing a three song suite for my Songwriting IV class. When the project was first assigned, I had several different ideas as to what I could do, conceptually with this project. I tried writing a couple of the different concepts I liked, but in the end, I wasn't coming up with any songs I genuinely enjoyed. Finally, when reading through some of the old prophets in the Old Testament, I noticed that almost every prophet had reservations against becoming who God called them to be when He first commissioned them. Many would start listing out everything that disqualifies them from being His mouthpiece. In the end, it was really His glory and grace that allowed those great men to walk in holiness and power.

I feel we often shy away from speaking on behalf of the Lord because we feel inadequate or unknowledgeable. Whatever excuse we make, we're really just finding a more "acceptable" way to say we are afraid. I wrote these songs based on the responses of Jeremiah, Isaiah, and Ezekiel. Though they stay true to their own stories, the words really began speaking to me on a personal level. I knew it wasn't the reality of my life but I wanted it to be.

I'm excited to release this project in hopes that they may also edify others who feel insecure about speaking for the Lord. I once heard a worship leader spontaneously sing in a prayer meeting, shouting, "Sometimes you have to sing your way into the truth". As I play and sing these songs, I believe they are taking root in my own spirit and my desire is that as others listen, it also takes ground in their own.


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