This Seattle Sound features Pike Place buskers Emery Carl (Entertainer), Gary Reid (Guitar Player), and Piper Foulon (Cellist). Their stories share their perspective of the busking business as well as Pike Place Market as a whole. The Seattle Sound reveals an eye-opening glimpse into the busking system and its community.

Working on this project was one of the most fascinating experiences I've had. My partner and I went into this not really knowing anything about the business ourselves. Hearing these people talk about what they do was inspiring for me as an artist. It was more than just dedication; they actually made sacrifices to be out there and continue to do so solely because it's what they're passionate about. When we filmed most of this, it was about 20° F which was indescribably miserable for us as bystanders and I can only imagine how it must have been for them. This insight into the dedication of their lives really elevated my appreciation for these people.

The idea for this film was based on the notion that many people hear or see these buskers' performances but never really get to hear their story. Our vision is to help bridge that gap so that as people walk by, they'll begin realize the devotion these artists had to their craft and their community.