Clear As Water | FreeStyle Dance / by Ryan Lee

A dance video featuring Dan Macanlalay (Vital), Bryan Ramirez (Detailz), and Tommy Tran (Tombo), dancing to Clear As Water by Una Mas Trio. Shot in Brooklyn, NY. Filmed on the Sony A7sII and the DJI Ronan.

This was a project that came about on sort of whim. I'd never done a dance video before but was always a bit intrigued by how to make a good one. Watching many others, I found it difficult to make something that complemented the dancer without just being a still camera catching a wide. Some videos tried to punch into close-ups and use a variety of shots, but felt that too intrusive to the dance being shown. I found the circling parallax shot to be a good middle ground between the two and I'm pleased with the effect it had. However, this was my first occasion using the DJI Ronan, which was absolutely essential for this video. My inexperience with it made it difficult for me to do exactly what I"d like, mainly keeping all three of the guys in the center of the frame. I also underestimated how tiring the shoot would be since everyone who wasn't on screen had to run behind me to stay out of the shot.

Though it's far from perfect, there's much about this one that I think worked well and I look forward to my next opportunity to work on something like this.