15 Boys | Short Documentary / by Ryan Lee

In early 2015, I and a group of a few others took a trip to Nepal where we had the opportunity to work with and get to know a group of boys who all lived together in the capitol city of Kathmandu. We heard some amazing stories and were incredibly inspired by their love for each other and their country. We met many other people while there, and many other children, but it became very evident that this particular group of boys was incredibly unique. They all have great aspirations and dreams to change their nation for the better, and it's really because they were able to pursue a different life through this Boys Home.

If you would like to support and/or work with this home, please email: san.orgnepal@gmail.com
You can also visit their facebook page at: facebook.com/SANchildrenofnepal

Created by:
Ryan Christopher Lee
Brennan Priest
Natalie Anderson
Anna Tolan
Sophia Schweizer
Seongkyung Park
Victoria Madison
Mike DeMarco
Hee-Jong Kim
Emily Moore
Hannah Davidson

Source: 15-boys