Journey | Video Postcard / by Ryan Lee

A compilation of shots I took while on a short hiking trip led by the kids at the boys home here in Kathmandu, Nepal.

A significant portion of my time here will be spent ministering to a boys home in Lalitpur, Kathmandu. There are about fifteen boys living together in this one home and each one expands my paradigm of what family looks like. Despite spending practically all hours of the day together, the never cease to express their care and love for every member of their newfound family. Whenever I am honored to see them and the interaction between them I am challenged to love greater in the little things as well as the big.

The hike, thought not as difficult as it could have been, was still much more rigorous than initially anticipated. When the boys offered to take me and my team on a short hike, we were not expecting to be walking for nearly 8 hours. Despite the challenge, the view was breathtaking and with the boys pushing us onward with their inconceivable stamina, it was easily one of the better days of my being here.

Once again, I find myself without a rig or tripod, which though makes for a less refined video is actually much preferred in the moment of the situation. Nothing about carrying an eight pound shoulder rig up a flight of stairs and a steep hill for 8 hours sounds exciting to me, but perhaps I am alone in this. The tradeoff is some shakier footage and one too many warp-stabalized-shots, however the colors here are nothing short of phenomenal, so hopefully through that you can forgive the jitter of some shots.

This video is not really in my opinion part of the works my team will be putting out. It is more of a personal endeavor of mine on this trip; a memento of a part of my time here that I may revisit it in the years to come and remember how fifteen boys showed me the definition of brotherly love.


(All content in this piece was produced by myself, including the shots, color grading, editing, and music)